Wellness is a process not a procedure. Massage therapy contributes to a well balanced, healthier you. After a consultation to understand your individual needs, your massage session will be personalized by using a combination of the following types of massages:

deep_tissue_massageDeep Tissue Massage relieves tension through slow, compressive strokes along the length of the muscle and is a highly effective method for releasing chronic stress due to misalignment, repetitive motions, and the lingering effects of injuries. The therapist uses her hands and elbows to apply focused pressure on tension held in the body.

neuromuscular_therapy_massageNeuromuscular Therapy relieves pain and soft tissue dysfunction by applying pressure to trigger points. These trigger points are areas of irritation within the muscle tissue that send nerve impulses to non-local sites. This method can greatly accelerate healing and reduce stress on the body.

Swedish Massage releases chronic tension in muscles and improves swedish_massagecirculation while reducing mental and physical fatigue. For a fee of $5.00; add an aromatherapy treatment to further stimulate healing.

Hydrotherapy is used to complement other massage therapies by using hydro_therapy_massageice or heat to reduce inflammation and relax tense muscles. This technique will further enhance the benefits of your treatment.


Sinus Relief Massage provides relief from sinus pressure or headaches sinus_relief_massagedue to allergies or colds. This therapeutic massage employs pressure-point techniques combined with specific essential oils to open blocked passageways. Pairs well with any service. 20 minute treatment $25.


Foot Reflexology promotes vitality and well being. Benefits include foot_reflex_massagerelief of stress and tension and improved blood supply. It aids the body in achieving homeostasis. Massage techniques applied to specific points on the feet provide benefits to corresponding organs and areas of the body.


sports_massageSports/Athletic Massage enhances performance and prolongs a sports or dance career by helping to prevent injury, reduce pain and swelling in the body, relax the mind, increase flexibility, and dramatically improve recovery rates. This modality incorporates stretching to enhance range of motion.


pregnancy_massagePregnancy Massage relieves the physical discomforts that are often experienced during pregnancy. This healing massage relieves backaches, leg cramps, insomnia, fatigue and headaches. Who deserves nurturing more than an expecting Mom? A gift certificate for this treatment makes a thoughtful gift for the mom to be. A physicians release is required for massage during the 1st trimester.

heated_stone_massageHeated Stone Therapy Massage engenders deep relaxation, warms the body and is a popular treatment in winter months. Polished, basalt lava stones are warmed and then introduced to the massage. Utilizing a combination of heat and pressure fosters a deep sense of relaxation by gently penetrating the muscle tissue.

Scalp Massage hydrates and stimulates the scalp, while relieving scalp_massageheadache and creating a deep sense of relaxation. Aromatic essential oils are used to further the effects of the treatment and will leave your hair ready for shampoo. Pairs well with any service. 20 minute treatment $25.

Instructional Couples Massage is a unique and thoughtful gift to instructional_couples_massageyourselves or a special couple. The lucky pair will enjoy full body massages while the massage therapist teaches them techniques for recreating the healthy benefits of massage at home. Includes complementary massage oil and instructions for home use. Great gift for weddings, anniversaries and Valentine's Day.