Therapeutic / Deep Tissue

Physicians increasingly prescribe therapeutic massage to complement traditional medical treatment and to increase energy.


Massage doesn't just feel good, it acts on the nervous system to counteract the stress response to help you RELAX.


Treating yourself to a massage can target specific health concerns or provide the care and much needed emotional support in a time of stress.

Jessica Sabatine-Diaz, Licensed Atlanta Massage Therapist


Listen to What Clients Are Saying About Jessica...

Dr. Nicholas Valerio Professor – Emory University

"Let me enthusiastically say that Jessica Sabatine-Diaz is an exceptional massage therapist! I have been a client for many years and have always known Jessica to be professional, knowledgeable, and attentive, complemented by her extremely personable and outgoing nature.

I am a competitive long-distance runner and bicyclist, and annually compile over 2,000 miles of training and competition in each of those two disciplines. My regular twice-monthly massage from Jessica is a vital component of my training. Thanks to her care and special attention I am able to recover quicker from the rigors of training and competition, with the added benefit of improved flexibility.
I highly recommend Jessica's services, and encourage everyone to discover the many benefits that a regular massage can yield."

Jen Piceno – Salsambo

"Being a Professional Dancer puts extensive strain on my muscles. With long hours and hard-core training my body has taken some abuse. This has caused a range of different injuries over the years. I have found that Massage is a necessity for me to be the best that I can be in my profession. I use deep tissue massage as a means of preparation, a recovery aid and as a method of conditioning.
It is fantastic to work with Jessica as my Massage Therapist. She has not only healed my body of its alignments, but I have found that through her deep tissue massage I am able to use my body better and dance with more movement and freedom.

After a deep-tissue session with Jessica my body is rejuvenated, and I can actually feel my muscle tissue soften, release tension, and fall back into place. This has increased my flexibility and movement. I believe that releasing the tension in the muscles has allowed me to prevent injury as well. I am thrilled with the results!"

Dr. Allen Hy Rosenthal – DDS Pediatric Dental Specialists of Atlanta

"Jessica's bodywork relaxes the body, mind and spirit. After a visit from Jessica the rest of the day is a joy and the feeling lasts and lasts.
I have been a client of Jessica's for years and I have referred many friends to her. She is incredibly skilled as a massage therapist. About a year ago we decided to have her come to our office and do chair-massage for the staff and the doctors. What a great idea! We all look forward to the days Jessica is scheduled to be at our office. There are comments like, "my shoulder hurts- but Jessica will be here tomorrow".

The benefits of relaxation and stress relief are a tangible asset for our staff and for our office. It is my pleasure to recommend Jessica for you individually or for your office."

Carla House – Artist

"I met Jessica several years ago when getting a massage on the same day she had registered for one of my art classes--- serendipity! Beyond being skilled and professional, Jessica is a delightful and charismatic person filled with a zest for life that you will truly enjoy. I always feel whole and truly put back together in body, mind and spirit after Jessica's massages. I wish everyone the benefits and harmonious healing powers of this art form, and Jessica is the best!"

Eva Crow – Medical Intuitive

"As a medical intuitive, dealing with deep seated emotions, I believe they settle within the tissues of the human body, causing all sorts of malfunctions and illnesses. I have a team of alternative practitioners that I work with. Massage Therapy is on top of the list because it gives the patient stress release, a sense of being nurtured and it deeply affects both the body and the mind."

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