Energy Work

Everything is energy and everyone's body is producing an energy field that surrounds their physical body.  Energy work may be used for assisting in clearing and re-balancing one's energy field, and/or one's physical body. It is a subtle yet powerful modality that can be used on its own in a session, or incorporated with other massage modalities.


Color Therapy: color is frequency of light.  Each color hue vibrates on a specific frequency.  Color therapy can be used to "reset" or balance energy wherever our bodies are lacking. All the colors reflected in the rainbow carry their own healing properties.  In this modality, the massage therapist utilizes different filters of light to facilitate healing, either on a physical or mind-body level.  (Best if incorporated with another type of energy work or massage.) $18.00




reiki_massageReiki is a form of energy healing, directly translated as universal life force energy. Reiki helps to balance the energy patterns in the body. It contributes to optimum mental, emotional and physical health by gently removing blockages and restoring ones vital life force energy. Reiki utilizes a gentle laying on of hands and can be given as a full session or incorporated into other massage modalities.

healing_touch_massageHealing Touch is an energy healing modality.  Healing Touch practitioners use an intentional hands on, or near body touch, that facilitates health and healing for the mind, body and spirit. This type of therapy works with the Individual (Human) Energy Field, or chakras.  Healing Touch is used widely in the healthcare profession and is a well respected modality within the medical field.